B. Ryan B.

“B” plays the electric bass guitar, sings some backup vocals, and does some image work for the band. Some know him from his viral hometown anthem and music video, “Cleveland is Your Land.” When not collecting folk recordings from his contemporaries, he listens to mash-ups, electronic music, new age, and a cappella stuff. He also plays keyboards, clarinet, and hand drums, and composes computer-based music, mostly in his own home, far away from rotten tomatoes.

The FlipSide was the “youngster’s” first commercial band. Before, he’s played with some fun jazz groups in Beachwood and Silver Lake, plus church and school music groups. B. Ryan B. has also had the pleasure of playing bass regularly for Tom Gorman, Will Cheshier, Blame Willie, and Acoustic Joyride; and sat in with 2 Much Fun, Anne E. DeChant, and others, but still “hangs his hat” at The FlipSide.

When he’s not sitting in with inspiring Cleveland talent, the life-long Clevelander spends daylight hours developing web applications for a locally-based national medical software company.