Mark Ronan

Mark was born in a log cabin in New Castle, PA around the turn of the century. He’s an only son and bears the scars of that situation.  (Editor’s note: We’re pretty sure he’s joking about these parts, but we declined to doubt such a pious man.)

He was introduced to music by his father, who taught him to sing and hold a melody while Dad sang harmony. He’s been influenced by the Beatles among many bands of other styles. He’s written songs for as long as he could remember, though that only goes back two weeks. He played in several bands including “OCR” (Out of Contact with Reality), and Knickers in a Twist.

Playing with The FlipSide is a unique opportunity. “I consider it an honor to be playing the songs of Beth Hyland and Bob Gibbons whom I consider to be truly talented and gifted songwriters. B. Ryan B. […] has made a substantial contribution to our current sound. For all of you checking out our web site, come to the gigs. We are an entertaining package, and I think we might just pass the audition.”