☆ Friends

We’ve had the honor of meeting hundreds of fellow musicians, many of them amazingly talented.  We at least have to acknowledge those acts and organizations we’ve worked closely with.  In alphabetical order:

  • Acoustic Joyride – a Woodstock reunion band who adopted B
  • Blame Willie – a bar rock band that B played with for a few years
  • Chain Gang – a blues rock band that our leading lady also fronts
  • Dark Tree Studio – who recorded both The FlipSide’s CD’s, plus projects for Mark and B
  • Will Cheshier – B’s funkier “brother from another mother”
  • Anne E. DeChant Band – whose members B and Mark have performed with on different occasions
  • FARM – the Midwest region of Folk Alliance, where Flip and Tom met, the FlipSide performed, and B has been active
  • Tom Gorman – who Flip and B have accompanied at various times
  • Roots of American Music (ROAM) – a Cleveland arts education organization Jack (and Flip’s Chain Gang bandmate) have been active in
  • Stone River Band – featuring FlipSide alumnus Jim Celestino
  • Alan Studt – the fellow Beatles fanatic, who booked some of our first gigs way back when
  • Susan Weber & Walt Campbell – Flip’s Trillium band-mates